Cancellations Policy


It has been stopped and agreed as follows:

The LESSOR rents the following premises and equipment to the LESSEE, who accepts, under the following conditions,

it being understood that these presents are concluded exclusively for furnished seasonal rentals.


The above rent includes, for the entire duration of the rental, the payment of rental charges and available supplies recalled below in the context of current and normal use:


-Internet/TV access

An electric meter reading will be done before and after the rental. A maximum package of €300 will could be charged to the LESSEE.

The price paid includes the cleaning of the departure and the towels upon travelers’ entry. Nevertheless, if the cleaning state of the apartment as of the exit inventory requires additional cleaning fees, those last ones will be charged on the safety deposit. The cleaning package, whose amount is indicated in the reservation includes the cleaning of the rooms and of the towels furnished. The LESSEE cannot borrow the towels or laundry of the property owner (if he does so, laundry fees will be charged on the safety deposit).

The tenant cannot in any case claim any right of maintenance in the places at the end of their stay.

As of the signature of the conditions listed here, the LESSEE must pay 30% of the total amount for his reservation.


The total amount of the reservation, after deduction of the previous payments, the additional fees (cleaning, towels…): 70% one month before the check-in.

NB: In the case of a payment by bank transfer, the additional fees due to this operation must be paid by the LESSEE.


It can be delivered by bank transfer, check (from a French or Monegasque bank only), bank card

(debit or imprint) or cash and will be paid on arrival.


Given by the LESSOR :

-Copy of ID documents of the LESSEE (or of his representant in case of moral person)

-Attestation of civil responsibility vacation or equivalent



Take the premises in the state where they will be on the day of entry into possession, as described in the descriptive state;

Respect the maximum number of people who can enter the premises, in accordance with these conditions and the description given to them.

Occupy them only as bourgeois, as temporary residence and pleasure, to the exclusion of any commercial or professional activity; do nothing that could harm the tranquility of the neighborhood. For the respect of the neighborhood, it is strictly forbidden to do some noise on the night after 10pm and on the morning before 8am. In case of trouble/conflict, The Selective Traveler keeps the right to exclude the tenants who caused it.

Occupy the premises personally, any subletting is prohibited, do not introduce any pets without the LESSOR's agreement, comply with the internal regulations of the property and the co-ownership if applicable;

Leave to be executed in the necessary urgent places and works as well as the visits requested by THE LESSOR or his Agent;

Furniture and movable objects must only suffer from depreciation from the normal use for which they are intended, including hangings, wallpapers, paintings, parquet floors… Those which are missing or damaged must be paid for or replaced by THE TAKER with the LESSOR's agreement. THE TAKER is prohibited from introducing into the premises other furniture or heating appliances;

Refrain from throwing objects in the toilets, sinks, baths, bidets, sinks, such as to obstruct the pipes, otherwise he will be liable for the costs incurred for the return to service of this equipment,

The consumption of water, electricity and A/C is included in the price of the rental (except for villas). Nevertheless, in order to respect the environment, please light off the rooms when you leave them, don’t let the water flow when this is useless, and don’t less the doors opened when you use the heater or the A/C.

Dustbins will be let at your disposal. Please respect the rules of recycling: yellow dustbin for the cardboard packages, plastic or metal; green dustbin for other rubbishes.

Occupy the premises as a good father. All the furniture is at your disposal. You must keep them in good state and ensure its cleaning. If a deterioration is observed the safety deposit will be retained. In particular, ensure the closing of doors and windows and the activation of alarms in the event of absence. You will be held responsible of all the theft or degradation in case of unrespect of this condition.

Animals are forbidden except in case of acceptation by the property owner.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the housing.

Security: THE TENANT is informed, for possible sleeping in bunk beds, that sleeping in the height is not suitable for children under 6 years old (decree n ° 95-949 of 25 August 1995);

In case of loss of the keys, the replacement of them and of the cylinder will be charged to the LESSEE and paid by the safety deposit.

The day of the departure, the LESSEE must return the housing in a perfect state. Please ensure that you will not let disorder inside the housing (tidy up the furniture, objects and crockery).


The inventory and the detailed inventory of the furniture are established contradictorily between the parties upon entering the parties at the entrance to the premises of the LESSEE and upon the release of the premises by LE LESSEE, by prior appointment. If necessary, THE TAKER has a period of 48 hours to contest the inventory upon arrival or departure. If no inventory has been made, THE TENANT is presumed to have received the leased premises in good condition for rental repairs and must return them as such unless proven otherwise (art. 1731 of the Civil Code). If the LESSEE is not present during the exit inventory, it may be carried out by a bailiff at the LESSEE's expense.


The security deposit is paid in response to damage that could be caused to rented property and movable or other objects furnishing the rented premises as well as to various charges and consumptions. In the event of non-payment of 30% of the security deposit to be paid before arrival, THE TENANT will be refused access to the leased premises without possible reimbursement of the rent paid. This sum will be refunded within 1 month following the departure of the LESSEE, after deduction of the replaced objects, any costs of restoration, additional cleaning, the amount of consumption and other sums which may be due by THE LESSEE.


THE TENANT will be required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the rental furniture, as well as for the recourse of neighbors and to justify everything at first request from the LESSOR or his Agent. Consequently, the latter decline all responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company could exercise against THE TENANT in the event of a claim.


If THE TENANT renounces the rental, the amount due, out of the total rent, is as follows:

Up to 60 days before: 30%

Up to 30 days before: 80%

Up to 14 days before: 100%


In the event of the LESSEE's breach of one of the contractual obligations, this lease will be automatically terminated. This termination will take effect after 48 hours after a simple summons by registered letter or letter delivered by hand remained unsuccessful.


For the execution of the precedent conditions, the LESSOR and the LESSEE are reputed to live in their respective domiciles. Nevertheless, in case of litigation, the LESSOR’s domicile court will be the only one appropriate. This contract and its next are under French law.


In case of emergency, please call the 18 for the firefighters, the 15 for the hospital, the 17 for the police.

In case of breakdown or dysfunction, please contact us without waiting. We will do our best to solve the situation. No reimbursement of repairing will be taken to our charge without our agreement.

In case of damage, degradation please let us know during your stay, even in nothing seems apparent.

Each emergency intervention of one of our agents provoked by you will be charged €100 from 8:00 to 21:00 and €200 between 21:00 and 8:00 (examples: loss of keys, troubles with the neighborhood).